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Somalia forms Host Country Relations Committee

Somalia forms Host Country Relations Committee

The Government of Somalia has established the host country relations committee which will work on the government’s national development programs in coordination with other international and government agencies.

In a meeting held at Somali Ministry Foreign Affairs which was attended by officials from seven ministries, the office of Mogadishu on Monday, the government announced the formation of the committee.

In a statement by Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the committee was said that it would be working with another Soon-to-be announced UN committee.

“In a first meeting held at the Foreign Ministry today (Monday), the Government of the Federal Republic of Somalia announced the formation of the host country relations committee, which is authorized to work with and cooperate directly with another UN Committee expected to be announced later,” reads the statement.

The statement says the committee will also work on developing a plan that paves the way for the improvement of the status of Somalia.

“Both committees will collaborate to develop strategies that could pave the way for following up the implementation of development plans to enhance the status of Somalia and the gains of its people,” notes the statement.

The committee will be drawn from ministries of Foreign Affairs, Finance, Planning, Commerce, Internal Security, Labour and Humanitarian Affairs.

The Somali government has national development programs to chart economic, political and social progress within a strategy that adopts a comprehensive and effective approach to sustainable growth.

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