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Somalia says Taiwan’s oil deal with Somaliland ‘null and fake’

Somalia has warned that the oil deal between Taiwan’s national oil company CPC Corp and Somaliland was a nullity and warned Taiwan against entering into deals with the breakaway region.

Somalia’s ambassador to China Awale Kulane said in a media interview that the recent agreement between Taiwan’s CPC Corp and the British oil company Genel Energy PLC to secure 49 percent working interest of the SL10B13 block in Somaliland was ‘fake.

“We consider these agreements to be absolutely null and void and we will not allow Taiwan or any other entity to plunder the resources under fake agreements,” Kulane said.

The Somali diplomat also accused Taiwan of ‘causing instability in the region noting its relations with Somaliland were ‘unhelpful, unproductive to Somalia.’
CPC Corp announced on December 2021 that it had signed a sharing holding agreement with Genel

Energy PLC associated with former British Petroleum Chief executive Tony Hayward to acquire 49% stake in the drilling of SL10B13 block in Somaliland.

Under the deal, OPIC Somaliland Corp (OSC) would explore the oil field with the investments from CPC Corp.

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