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Somalia Still Too Violent, Dangerous For US Citizens To Safely Visit – State Department

US citizens should continue to avoid visiting Somalia because violent crimes such as kidnapping and murder remain endemic throughout the country, the Department of State said in renewing its travel advisory on the country.

“Do not travel to Somalia due to crime, terrorism and piracy,” the travel advisory said on Wednesday. “Violent crime, such as kidnapping and murder, is common throughout Somalia, including Puntland and Somaliland. Illegal roadblocks are also widespread.”

The State Department explained that terrorists continue to plot kidnappings, bombings and other attacks in Somalia, targeting airports and seaports, government buildings, hotels, restaurants, shopping areas and other areas where large crowds gather and Westerners frequent.

“Pirates are active in the waters off the Horn of Africa, especially in the international waters near Somalia. The US government has limited ability to provide emergency services to US citizens in Somalia due to the lack of permanent consular presence in Somalia,” the travel advisory said.

US citizens determined to visit Somalia should draft a will and designate appropriate insurance beneficiaries and power of attorney and discuss a plan with loved ones regarding care and custody of children, pets, property, belongings, non-liquid assets and their funeral wishes, the travel advisory added.

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