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Somaliland bans Somalia’s internet country code

Somaliland bans Somalia’s internet country code

Breakaway Somaliland on Sunday banned Somalia’s top-level internet domain (dotSO) from its regions.

Hargeisa has protested against horn of African nation’s move to control the domain.

In a statement by ministry for Communication and Tetechnology, Somaliland warned universities, local and government organizations against using the dotSO controlled by Somalia.

The statement said the use of the domain would interfere with the nationhood and independence of Somaliland.

Somaliland also issued 30 days ultimatum to the websites operating its region to move from dotSO domain.

Somaliland which declared its secession from Somalia in 1992 has not yet managed to introduce its own code country.

The telecommunication companies in Somaliland still use Somalia’s 252 calling code.

The move comes two days after Somalia’s telcom regilator took the control of dotSO which has not been managed by Somali government

Somaliland which has been relatively peace since its establishment failed to get recognition from International Community.

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