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Somaliland FM says UAE did not recognize Somaliland independence

Somaliland FM says UAE did not recognize Somaliland independence

The Somaliland government has said that the government of United Arab Emirates  (UAE) did not recognize the independence of the region’s self-declared republic barely three days UAE revealed it had a mutual understanding with Somalia over Berbera port deal.

Speaking to BBC Somali service, Somaliland Foreign Affairs, Saed Ali Shire said the government of UAE has not officially recognized Somaliland as an independent nation.

“It is true that the UAE did not recognize Somaliland and they do not have an embassy in Somaliland but in fact, Somaliland is an existing nation, many of those who have interests in Somaliland had signed agreements with it,” said Shire.

On Wednesday, in an interview with BBC Somali, UAE state foreign Minister, Anwar Gargash said both UAE and former Somali government signed a development and humanitarian support agreement for Somaliland.

 “We had a memorandum of understanding with the former government and it was very clear. We did not have a consulate or embassy in Somaliland so there was no formal relationship,” said Gargash.

Saed also dismissed the report by the Somaliland opposition party who accused the ruling party of betraying of the nation, saying the government has not committed any treachery act.

“There is no betrayal of the nation or any deceit against the public committed by the government; during the signing of the agreement with UAE, Somalia was not part of it,” said the minister.

Saed’s remarks come on the heels of Former Somaliland speaker Abdirahman Mohamed Irro call to prosecute Somaliland’s former president Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo for what Irro termed as a betrayal of the nation.

Irro also called upon the incumbent president Muse Bihi Abdi to stand down from office.

“Silanyo violated the constitution and must be prosecuted and Bihi was party to this since he was also in Kulmiye party and Muse Bihi must resign and seek forgiveness from the people or we shall sue him,” said Irro.

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