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South West electoral commission holds election for six seats in the Lower House

The South West State Electoral Implementation Team held an election on Thursday for six seats representing the South West constituency in the incoming federal parliament.

The first seat was won by Aden Mohamed Ali, who was running for the HOP-253 seat against Abdulkadir Ibrahim. Ali dominated the polls, gaining 70 votes, while Bule received 21 votes. 

Abdullahi Mohamed Ali won the HOP-178 seat in the lower house. He received 70 votes, while his opponent, Bile Hassan Abdi, received 25 votes. 

Ahmed Sheikh Mohamed won the HOP-50 seat in the Somali Parliament. He received 97 votes in the election, while Mohamed Ibrahim Adan received 14 votes.

Jama Taqal Abbas won HOP-230 with 77 votes, defeating Abdi Ali Omar, who received 23 votes. 

Muqtar Mohamed Guled won the HOP-183 seat. He defeated votes Hussein Ali Adan, who received 16 votes. 

Ismail Idow Mohamed won the HOP-275 seat with 71 votes. He defeated Abdisitar Hassan Ali, who received 16 votes from the electoral delegates. 

As with other elections held across Somalia’s federal member states, the lack of real competition between candidates has led to lopsided results.


Somalia’s electoral process has been plagued with rampant delays and dozens of accusations of electoral fraud since the process began.

The South West Administration is set to become the first administration after Somaliland to conclude the Lower House elections in its region.

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