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Speaker Jawari dismisses debate on impeachment motion 285 Shares

Speaker Jawari dismisses debate on impeachment motion 285 Shares

Somali Parliament Speaker, Mohamed Osman Jawari has dismissed a move to table a motion that would see the speaker ousted from office, sparking a new political crisis within the Somali parliament.

The first deputy speaker of Parliament, Abdiweli Ibrahim Mudey on Sunday said the proposition lodged against the speaker would be tabled on 31st March.

Jawari responded to Mudey’s announcement on Sunday evening, saying that the move by the deputy speaker is unconstitutional.

“In accordance with article of 68th Provisional Constitution, the business of the House is ought to be based on the House Standing Order, Therefore, according to article 6 of Charter 6 of  House Standing Order, I clarify that the statement dated 25th March, with Ref: HP/1stDS/501/2018 issued by the 1st deputy Speaker is not a decision by the House Leadership and the office of the House,” reads statement by Jawari.

Yesterday’s statement by Mr. Muday was also squashed by the deputy Parliament Speaker, Mahad Awad.

The 2nd Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Mahad Awad, also distanced himself from Mudey’s announcement.

The disagreement between 2nd Deputy Speaker Mahad Awad and 1st Deputy SpeakerAbdiweli Mudey has caused a rift in the house leadership 

Mr. Awad who spoke to VOA Somali termed the statement by 1st Deputy as unilateral decision.

“The statement by 1st Deputy Speaker, Abdiweli Ibrahim Mudey does represent the decision of the House leadership,” refuted Awad.

The fate of the no-confidence motion against Jawari remains in the dark as the differences between the House leadership creates yet another political squabble.

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