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Speaker Jawari praises PM amidst political turmoil

Speaker Jawari praises PM amidst political turmoil

Somali Lower House Speaker, Mohamed Osman Jawari has praised Prime Minister, Hassan Ali Kheire for the first time since the political crisis between the Legislative and Executive arms erupted.

During a press conference in Mogadishu following a meeting with the House Committee, Jawari said PM Kheire was determined leader who is committed to serving the nation.

“The Prime Minister is a good person who knows the job, but these days he is being consulted by those attempting to engineer the downfall of the 8th Parliament,” said Jawari.

Jawari denied that he was preparing no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Kheire.

“We were not working on a motion against you (PM Kheire), you got scared out for nothing,” the Speaker said.

Jawari also called on the government to remove the newly deployed forces from the parliament.

When asked about the motion against him, Jawari said the proposition failed as the time set for it, has passed.

The speaker’s sentiment comes on the heel of the statement by Pro-Jawari MP to stand with the embattled Speaker.

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