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Storm-hit Somaliland Students Worried About Exam Prospects

Storm-hit Somaliland Students Worried About Exam Prospects

Rahimo Mohamud 15, was expecting to sit this month for the high school entry examinations marking the end of her primary education. 

But the tropical cyclone that hit the northwest of Somaliland, have left her uncertain about the immediate future. 

Rahimo is among the 270 school children in Awdal district’s Lughaya , who were supposed to sit for the exams in one of the designated exam centres in Gargara.  The storm wreaked heavy damage in Gargara, and the schools serving as exam centres, were all destroyed or badly damaged.

A total of 14 schools were closed down in Awdal, due to the damage by the storm. 

The ministry of education coordinator in Awdal, Mr. Jeeke Osman Iye, said a group of experts had been sent to assess the damage to the educational infrastructure to find out how much it will cost to rebuild these schools. 

He said, classrooms were destroyed, all furniture and equipment including desks, chairs, chalkboards, and books were all lost. Schools in other parts of Somaliland, have already started the exams, but Mr. Jeeke Osman said, there is still no examination plan for the students in cyclone-affected areas.

Rahimo feels very nervous not knowing if they will be referred to another examination centre. She lost her all books and has not managed to prepare for the exams. 

Her family’s house had its roof damaged, but no one was injured. Many other students are in a similar situations or worse. Some are displaced, others lost parents or other family members.

The head teacher of Elmi Gaab Suge School told Radio Ergo, that some of his students lost their parents, while others have been forced to stay at home.  

He said the students have all dispersed although, the teachers were ready to help them prepare for the exams. Almost 8,000 primary school students in Lughaya, Baki and other parts of Awdal, had their education disrupted by the storm.

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