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Toyota returns to Somalia nearly 30 years

Toyota returns to Somalia nearly 30 years

Automotive giant Toyota Motor Corporation has officially resumed its operations in Somalia on Monday after a 27-year hiatus.

In a ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by Somalia’s Minister for Trade, Mohamed Abdi Hayir and other government officials, Toyota announced that their inaugural car dealership is open and ready for business and hope to expand throughout Somalia.

Hayir said that Toyota’s return is a positive sign for investment for Somalia and signals a step in the right direction.

“We welcome the company’s decision to reopen its office in Mogadishu after 30 years. This is part of the reliable investment which returned after a long time. The firm will create jobs for the Somali people and play a very important role in the restoration and improving Somalia’s economy,” said Hayir.

“Our policy is based on improving the economy, therefore, it is not only Toyota company which plans reopen establish an office in Somalia but there are many other big companies on their way to open offices in the country, We hope that the productions in Somalia will be sold in many markets,” he added.

The Minister said this Toyota deal took close to a year to close. 

Currently, anyone wishing to purchase a vehicle must buy it second-hand, or import it themselves which can be costly and complicated. Hayir said that the Toyota dealership will make it easier and cost-effective.

”The company will open up many offices in many parts of the country and this will reduce the challenges that Somali people used to face during the importation of vehicles”.

Founded in Japan in 1937, Toyota is the world’s largest automotive manufacturer

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