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Twenty-five Somali police officers undergo training on traffic management

Twenty-five Somali police officers undergo training on traffic management

The African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) has organized a 10 –day course for Somali police officers to improve their skills in traffic management.

The training, being attended by 25 traffic police officers, comes at a time when the capital city is experiencing increased traffic on its roads partly due to improved security.

Speaking during the official opening ceremony at General Kahiye Police Academy, the Somali Police Force Commissioner, Bashir Abdi Mohamed, urged the officers to enforce traffic rules and regulations not only to bring order on public roads but also help improve security in the city.

General Mohamed advised participants to make use of the training offered and pass the knowledge acquired to their colleagues.

“This training has personal benefits and you will remember it in your daily lives. Secondly, this training is part of the (positive) efforts of the police force, hoping that you will use it to improve the public perception about the police force,” he added.

The Police Commissioner noted that there is need for the Somali Police officers to redouble their efforts to improve the country’s security after decades of conflict, which resulted in the collapse of critical institutions.

He urged officers to conduct themselves in a professional manner when dealing with the public, adding that they are the image of the Somali Police Force.

Addressing participants, the Acting AMISOM Police Training and Development Department Coordinator, Leon Ngulube, thanked the officers for participating in the training, saying the exercise will provide them with the requisite knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to perform their duties effectively.

“This 10-day training on traffic management provides a platform for the preparation and training of traffic officers based in Mogadishu who will be able to regulate traffic and enforce traffic laws and regulations to mitigate accidents, lawlessness on public roads, compliance to traffic registration, vehicular driver registration licensing and attendance to victims of traffic accidents,” Mr Ngulube added.

He reiterated that AMISOM Police will continue to build capacity of Somali Police Force in areas of policing and other specialised fields to enable the officers carry out their duties in a professional manner and in accordance to international standards.

Mr Ngulube added that there is need to develop a cadre of professional traffic police officers capable of managing the sharp increase of traffic on public roads in Mogadishu.

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