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UK, EU urge Somaliland to clarify preparations for upcoming presidential elections

The UK government, EU and other European countries have called on the Somaliland government to set out the timelines and framework for the upcoming presidential elections slated for later this year.

In a joint statement following a visit by representatives to Hargeisa, the EU nations said in a joint statement there was a need for clarity on the process to foster the break-away region’s democracy.

“We encourage Somaliland’s political leaders to clarify the way forward for the upcoming elections, due this year, through an inclusive dialogue process, by agreeing on a joint electoral roadmap in line with Somaliland’s laws and constitution and ensuring that the electoral processes reflect Somaliland’s internal diversity in terms of inclusion of women, youth and minorities,” the joint statement read in part.

The statement also signed by Denmark, Finland, Germany, Norway and Sweden noted that the Somaliland National Elections Commission (SNEC) should also commence voter registration.


Somaliland is set to hold presidential elections in November ahead of the lapse of President Muse Bihi’s term in December.

Bihi was elected president on December 13, 2017 on a Kulmiye party ticket.
Somaliland held parliamentary and district council elections last on May 2021.

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