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Weekly Federal Cabinet meeting concludes in Garowe

Weekly Federal Cabinet meeting concludes in Garowe

Federal Ministers and Puntland officials held a joint cabinet meeting in Garowe on Thursday to discuss the future of hundreds of prisoners in Puntland who have been held on piracy charges.

Somali Ministry of Information Minister Dahir Mohamud Gelle said the Somali government and Puntland authorities have reached an agreement on the release of prisoners in Puntland prisons.

Prisoners who are locked away in Puntland’s prisons on piracy charges should be released in the same manner that Somali pirates are released from captivity abroad.”

The meeting also discussed the border situation between Kenya and Somalia and the attacks on communication facilities in the region.

The cabinet meeting comes amid reports of political discord between the Prime Minister and Puntland regional President Abdiwali Gaas. The rumours were exaggerated by a decision from the Prime Minister to skip a stone-laying ceremony at the new port in Garacad.

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